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Originally Posted by russellclow View Post
Well I thought it wise to give you all a heads up on PS3Centers newest staff member... me.

I've stepped in to help hold the fort here at PS3Center, and will be working closely alongside Mike to make sure that we continue to provide up to the minute content, superb community support, and an overall impressive website.

I hope you all like the new design. We're really going to push the community here at PS3Center. Some of you may have noticed our reward system. Each time you post a comment on the news, post in the forums, submit a theme or any other type of activity on the site, you will be rewarded points. Points means prizes!

Currently we've got a rather awesome Custom Red Ps3 sitting waiting for the most active member to grab, so it's important you post regularly on the forum and the site (comments are a brilliant way of getting quick points and having your say on news pieces). You can view a few more details on the Custom PS3, and how to claim it HERE:

We'll be expanding the points shop to include loads of gear, games and other cool Ps3 related prizes over the coming months, so keep an eye out in the forums for announcements!

I hope to see a lot of you around on the site over the next few months, and helping out where you can to build up a solid community and a great site.
hey i am also a new mod to!!!
anyways this site has gone under a lot of changes since i came and alot of people have come and gone but for me, lol i just went through alot of name changes. but yeah overall its been great and the red ps3 is just plain sexy. whoever wins it thoughourly deserves it
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