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Originally Posted by Khamakhazee View Post
Hi, I just got a Playstation 3 awhile ago and wanted to add some people to my PSN buddy list. I want to play with other mature gamers who play to have fun, not just to win. So age isn't the issue, I just don't like playing with racists or quitters. I don't mind the odd cuss word and some good old fashioned competitive play. However I don't have time for those who look for any edge to win at all costs and if they are losing disconnect or have a tantrum.

PSN: Khamakhazee

Current online games - Warhawk, Wipeout HD, and the first Resistance. I plan on getting Little Big Planet and maybe Resistance 2.
Lol I know what you mean can add me I have littlebigplanet and will be getting Res2
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