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Do have one thing to ask, my time to go home is fast approaching and if we are doing something where we need online participation, preferably as many as possible are we doing it soon because if so it does mean I'll make sure to bring my PlayStation 3 back home with me because I'll actually be able to play online (my residence connection simply can't support playing online games), otherwise it stays at residence and I won't be able to online game for awhile, possibly till past April when I get out of here and either move back home for the summer or get a job in Ottawa, get a place and start paying for Internet access.

If no one's ready it's perfectly fine, just wanted to get some information so I make sure I'm not bringing my PS3 home for nothing (believe it's not easy, I have to ride two city buses just to get to the bus terminal (with my suitcase and two bags if the PlayStation comes with me) to then board a bus, spend 4-5 hours on said bus and finally reach my hometown).
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