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I do remember reading around the time the bank bailout came around that the U.S debt was now over 10 trillion dollars and now you have the Auto bailout as well, by the time Obama finishes with his bailout's I have a feeling the debt would be around 15-20 trillion dollars. Although it's not like we aren't in debt either, although it's only going to grow to $700 billion this year with what our government wants to spend on bailing out the auto industry and on infrastructure spending, otherwise we wouldn't have grown the debt at all, in fact we might have even paid some more off. Just imagine though the U.S in 20 years, taxpayers money will be going to just paying off the enormous interest involved with so much debt.

I do remember Tommy Boy though, I love how in the end the supposed idiot Tommy completely outsmarts Zelinski, saves Callahan Auto and gets his girl, too bad that doesn't happen in real life. I mean EA bought how many game developers before the recession hit and if it wasn't for the recession and Take Two's resistance we would have lost another, which we don't need. There's enough large corporations, we don't need them any larger or to lose anymore innovative small companies, it's the small companies that bring us the innovations and service we want.
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