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Long story short Ive been chasing a girl for ever and now I have a gf haha. But I really have been working on it, its just not coming out how I wanted it. Your restricted by what you can do with COD lol, so while its easy to say something awesome you cant really do it. Here is what I have so far

VO- Once upon a time there was a dear mercenary soldier that was feared by governments all over the world, but most of all by his neighbors in the middle of the desert. You see his parties before he goes on missions can get a bit crazy.
Older soldier – “Damn kids are partying again”
*nuke alarm*
Older soldier – “Not again…”
On the very day the mercenary was born he was given a army suit that has never changed once. As this is what the programmers wanted. So they called him Hell Slayer, because it was a badass name that came up in the meeting.
One day his commanding officer said to him, "Come, Hell Slayer, here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to the hospital, they are ill and weak, and they will do good for all the people. Set out before it gets hot, and when you are going, walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the path, or you may fall and break the bottle, or perhaps get yourself killed. Just remember you are not Solid Snake, your balls haven’t dropped yet. And when you go into the hospital, don't forget to talk to the hot nurse, you never know what you may get."
The soldier stays back at a second.
Hell Slayer- When the hell did this turn into an RPG, I aint doing this. I wasn’t made in Japan!
Soldier outside- “Hell Slayer! Come here!”
HS turns and runs out the door.
Commanding officer – “Oh dear”
The two soldiers standing in the forested area.
Soldier- “Dude gotta try this new shiz out!”
Hell Slayer takes the stuff, then seems to get shot and falls to the floor.
Hell Slayer is beginning to wake up, in a desert area not knowing what had happened.
Before him is a Russian soldier.
Russian – “good day young man” he said
HS- “Thank you, kind sir”
Russian – “A bit drowsy so early in the morning?”
HS- “Yeah must of partied hard last night”
Russian – “What is it in your pouch?”
HS looks down at his bag, realizes the medicine for the hospital is in the bag. A note inside as he pulls it out to read it.
NOTE-“Your taking the damn medicine to the hospital biotch!”
HS-“Son of a-!”
Russian – “watch your language! I take it, its something I am not allowed to see?”
HS-“Im a mercenary, I don’t have sides. Its medicine for the hospital”
Russian-“ and where is this hospital?”
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