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you could probably edit the voices to sound different?..or would that be hard? maybe even some auto-tune as most rappers use that these days lol :D

@dustin for the parties in the dessert, the guy talking could be on the clif scoping into a bunker where the other guys are firing and throwing flashbangs? then if it cuts to the 'wake up' you could lie two people outside it 'playing dead' so they look passed out..

and during the big speech about him being born could be like an actual little 'montage' of kills or that contains things he mentions ? like sneaking, film some multiplayer and sneak up on campers etc

then the forest bit could be estate? (id say wastland but it lacks the amount of trees)

and desert, a different part of afghan?

and thats all i can think of.. haha
i am a creative genius
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