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Originally Posted by xEN7xASSASSINx View Post
@genk yeah i'll add you we arent like a serious clan anyway we just like to go into matches and have fun and own some peepz, and every now and the have private matches just snipers/throwing knifes etc. we dont revolve our lives around the clan haha! i'll add you though

@jordan yeah thats my set up to, i actually went on after that comment and landed every quick/no-scope i fired for 2 matches then started missing them again lol
Cool dude add me! im on psn every now and then, a lot on weekends. I will accept your friend request as soon as i sign in! nice to meet some fellow snipers!

Dont you think its ridiculus that standard assualt rifles have overpowered scopes? i mean whats the point of sniping at times cos the guy can you out from 50 meters or so!!
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