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WOW soz Xbox fanboy.OK now for my answers:360 combo 2. internet no where near my tv so i need tht dont need hd dvd seeing as it doesnt play games.PS3 combo 1 dont have a hd tv dont need a hdmi cable so thats just $10 more so now ur saying its expensive.
PS3 has the endurance because IF blu ray wins the next xbox will have to include it when it becomes the disc standard so if it wins there is NO WAY Sony would sell MS blu ray rights so tht leaves MS with dvd or a new disc version and 'forcing you' to buy movies on again a more expensive platform and so the PS3 has endurance and the 360 was rushed if it wasnt why is there high failure rates.
I have had great success with Sony electronics seeing as my LAUNCH PS2 is still working fine no problems never had to get it repaired nothin thts 7 years old, tell me if your xbox1 or 360 is still working next year because i bet you $50 one of them wont be working next year.
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