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360 failure rates are likely to go up for a short while when every ones system becomes one year old which is the usual life of a 360. Why do you hate PS3 and Blu-ray so much?
Blu-ray aint a prototype and there is very little chance of HD DVD coming back unless they get every major movie studio behind them main being Disney cause they have a lot of movies that would shift sales.
PS2 is kicking ass because it has great games and most exclusives.Sony is still publishing games for it and the transition from PS2 to PS3 asnt happened yet because the PS3 hasnt got its must have titles out yet and the 360 only has a few left for this year and next main being Halo 3.
360 sales have stagnated by the way because of the crap games out and coming out this will change for a while when Halo 3 comes out but they will probably drop again.Now dont go on about PS3 sales being crap because there selling better than PS2 was at this stage and selling the same as 360 was at this stage.
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