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Originally Posted by Italianboy4life View Post
3. who has no experience in the gaming market????
You expressed yourself very badly there, whilst Microsoft certainly has less experience in the CONSOLE market, they far from have less experience in the GAMING market.
Heck, I think Microsoft started making games far before Sony did, ever heard of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

In my eyes there is no doubt that the PS3 can hold out longer than the XB360(Remember it was also released one year later than the 360), but then the question remains, will MS use their 'unlimited' cashflow to pump out another console when that time comes that XB360 sales starts declining alot?

I myself, hope neither the Playstation nor XBox line of consoles ever dies, competition is only good for us consumers, it means quicker lowering of price of the consoles amongst other things, here in Sweden, a XB360 premium for example has gone from being 4000 SEK at launch, to being 3000 SEK now, that's 25% lower in price.

In the end, what is the more worthwhile investment also depends alot on your taste, so far Microsoft has appeared to recieve alot more support from western game producers(Ubisoft for example), but the PS3(As always) has a ****load of support from asian game producers. I myself being a fan of both markets, simply had to get both consoles.

I really wish people could stop having these pointless console 'fights' discussions, neither the XBox or the PlayStation is gonna die any time soon, and it's ****ing good they don't, because everyone who has even read one class/course in economics know that competition in markets is always good for the average consumer.

Just my two cents here.
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