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Demon Souls Sequel is Revealed

If you remember a while back I posted a rumor about there being another Demon Souls in the works, well turns out that rumor was true.

Titled Dark Souls, the game will feature the same level of difficulty and similar amounts of character customization. Dark Souls will have no connection to the story of the previous game but unlike the first one, will feature a much larger seamless world (no regions), as well as more complex geography.

Also character creation will be much improved and instead of choosing a class for your character, you'll be able to much more thoroughly and deeply customize your character. Plus co-op and competitive online features will be seeing a comeback as well.

Finally, unlike Demon Souls, Dark Souls is set to release worldwide by the end of this year (instead of staggered release dates) and will be released on PS3 and XBOX 360 (except for Japan where it will remain a PS3 exclusive).
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