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Its a nice router, shouldnt have any issues with it. If you want to try, go on the admin of the router (you input your IP address of the router and login) and just update the software, that may help.

Also yes you can disable the connection manager if you have one. Task Manager, look for it, close process if its there. If it is then go to Run and type CMD (i think it is?) and disable the service from the boot up process. So it never turns on.

If its still not working properly. Check your firewall and virus protections and make sure they are not hogging bandwith. Also have them scan for any malware, virus etc... on your comp as that can slow your speed down alot.

Also another obvious clue, make sure your not downloading any torrents or seeding any torrents etc...make sure your not streaming videos, playing games online, and everything all at once.

Being your PS3 has a good connectiong it has to be whats stated about the card going out, or getting old. And like stated in a laptop its motherboard based so your outta luck if it is. Or its one of the above.
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