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Originally Posted by aceshigh113 View Post
the new metallica album ain't sh!t. listen to kill 'em all, or master of puppets, or ride the lightning. those are the REAL metallica. the black album wasn't even that good. but from the black album and on, it sux because james blew out his vocals and now they're just a bunch of queers. ha ha. sorry i just had to get that out.
Really? I like how the new album sounds, even though you are right, nothing can live up to the Master of Puppets Album by them, I must admit. I guess it's just a difference of opinion though. But yes, the name Gren sounds familiar, I may have heard them when I was younger. I'm about to look them up.

Oh, and Duffel Bag Boy by Playaz Circle feat. Lil' Wayne is playing in the background right now. What can I say, I have a varied taste in music :P
That's straight from the "king".
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