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If they do make a new FF VII, as in a complete remake of the original, it would most likely come out at the end of the PS3's life cycle. Square has said in the past that a FF VII remake would take about 4-5 years. That is a lot of time and money to spend on a game they have already made. Sure they have done a lot of remakes in the last few years but nothing quite that large and expensive.

The have the original, a prequel, somewhat of a sequel, and even a crappy spin-off. They've got the series covered fairly well. They've drugged FF VII out enough, I think they know that too. Plus Square is trying to go "western" why spend time and money on a more Japanese game like FF VII if they're trying to make most of their money from North America? But hey, Cloud is emo and emo is all the rage these days so he just might fit in.

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