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Dante's Inferno: Gameplay Revealed, Impressions

So Gametrailers has just aired some gameplay from the upcoming "Dante's Inferno", which is being published by EA games.

From the trailer it is very obvious this game is drawing loads of inspiration from it's forefathers, namely God of War in terms of atmosphere and what seems like some mechanics.

The game definitely has some superb art direction going for it, an area I think it matches GOW in.

However I can't say I am feeling the design for the game's main character. He is lacking that element that makes an organic character player's can relate with. Consequently, where have I seen that color pallet before? :P

The gameplay seems promising but underwhelming compared to industry leaders, namely once again God of War or it's contemporaries like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. All in all I commend EA for taking more chances as of late and pushing new IP's vs churning out sequals, but the developers will need to up the ante to get this gamers cash.

How are you all feeling after watching that clip? Does your shelf have enough room for Dante's Inferno to coexist with everyone's favorite neighborhood Ghost of Sparta?

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