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Yeah, there are a lot of FF games out there, because FF has a large fan base that it has awkward over the last 20+ years. It's my favorite game and I think FF VII could benefit the most out of the series by having an update so to speak. With all the other FF's I felt that they portrayed the world that they wanted to even with the technical restraints, but with FF VII i felt that they didn't get it the way they wanted, so if they remake it we can see what they really wanted to show us.

I'm not saying they shouldn't remake other games, I'm simply tossing out the names of the ones i'd like to see. I only want games to be remade if they could actually be improved upon with the next-gen consoles. I love Tenchu 2, Spyro, and other old PS1 titles. But I don't really think they would truly benefit from a remake. Sure they would be great and all, but the old PS1 versions did nothing wrong and didn't feel like it was restricted by the power of the PS1.

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