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Originally Posted by ZeroXin View Post

See here is where I think you're Wrong, It Only makes Sense for them NOT TO REMAKE FF7, But do another title that Features FF7. Or if they would Just Remake it, that'd be their Best Shot and We should all know with the Web in their Hands around this Whole FF7 Issue it'd be a matter of time we see a New Final Fantasy 7
Punctuation fail :P
I don't understand what you're saying in the context, could you clarify?

lloyd has effectively listed all the FF7 spin-offs, but he omitted a movie, an expanded movie, a cartoon, cell-phone games AND cross overs... Enough FF7 merchandise is out there, believe me. But you're wrong about Squeenix not making any more JRPGs... those will ALWAYS have a die-hard paying fanbase, you cannot wipe them out. Square WILL continue making JRPGs, whether or not a western gaming slant exists
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