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Originally Posted by EIN View Post
Punctuation fail :P
I don't understand what you're saying in the context, could you clarify?

lloyd has effectively listed all the FF7 spin-offs, but he omitted a movie, an expanded movie, a cartoon, cell-phone games AND cross overs... Enough FF7 merchandise is out there, believe me. But you're wrong about Squeenix not making any more JRPGs... those will ALWAYS have a die-hard paying fanbase, you cannot wipe them out. Square WILL continue making JRPGs, whether or not a western gaming slant exists
When I said, "somewhat of a sequel," I was referring to the movie. It's technically a sequel, but not a game, so yeah. Didn't know they made an anime, and do the Cell phone games really count?

I never said they were going to stop making JRPG's, it's what they do and I don't expect them to stop making them in favor of a big sweaty guy shoving grenades up peoples a***s. They're just trying to make their games more appealing to a western gamer, like they've done with FF XII, Infinite Undiscovery, tries with The Last Remnant, (sp) and will most likely do with FF XIII and FF VS XIII. I'm sure there are games im forgetting but you get my picture

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