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I was disappointed with the N64 after the great SNES.I started on the NES so you people who started on the 64 missed out on the best that Nintendo had to offer.My problems with the console other than they stuck with cartridges: There were not enough games and the console lacked enough original first party titles.Also the controller was poorly designed and conflicted with most type of games outside of shooters and games like Star Fox 64.Nintendo themselves did not support the console strongly after losing third party support.The worse thing about the console is probably the fact that Metroid was not made for it.It's much better than the mediocre Wii and not as good as the GameCube,but it started Nintendo's downfall and as a result I no longer support Nintendo.Star Fox 64,Golden Eye & Donkey Kong 64 where all great games though.
Imagine what would happen if Final Fantasy VII was actually released for the N64 like it was planned to be.
I doubt anything would be different because Sony made FF a world wide franchise and the previous FF games didn't sell well outside of Japan.Also FFVII was supposed to be on the [Ultra] 64 which was CD based,but Nintendo instead canceled the project and stuck with cartridges which led to FFVII being on the PSX which could run FMV.

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