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My first consoles, and favorite as a kid, was a Sega Genesis and from that i jumped over the N64 into PlayStation 1. The thing is, i never had an N64 and being a kid i was always wanting what i didnt have, so i finally got one alongside the PS1. Its a great, great, system and I enjoyed it alot, didn't "love" it but enjoyed it.

Bad Fur Day, Goldeneye, Smash Bros, etc...GREAT GAMES and fun when your a kid. My absolute favorite was Zelda Ocrana of time.

The system just couldnt keep up with times like PlayStation though so i dumped it, but i still go back and play CLASSICS now and then, we dont get much of that anymore. I kinda miss when games were purely made to be FUN. Thats why these games last so long till this day, cus they focused on fun, not who has the best graphics or amazing new technology. Just look at MGS, that series will be around for ever because it focuses on a story. I think new developers can learn alot from the N64 and PS1 days, just because they didnt have a whole lot to work with back then.
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