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PS3 controllers won't work!

I have the 60GB PS3 and last night while playing Bioshock, the battery died on the controller I had been using. So I unplugged my 2nd controller (which I always keep plugged in so it is charging) and started charging the dead controller. When I pushed the PS button on the second controller the lights started flashing and would not stop, so I continued to use the first controller while it was plugged into the usb port. This morning I was trying to charge the controllers but the lights only flash for a short time and then go out. The lights flash 8 times, pause, and then flash 9 times and a 10th quick flash (when plugged in with usb cable). I am assuming that means it is fully charged but I don't know. Neither controller will stay on or start the Playstation by pushing the PS button (which is usually how I turn on the system) when not connected with usb cable. When not connected with usb cable, I push the PS button the 4 lights flash 10 times quickly then stop. Both controllers work when they are plugged into the usb cable. I tried resetting one of the controllers by pushing the little button underneath but it seemed to do nothing. Help please.
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