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For the controller thing, in future reference. All you have to do is get a small pin and there is a tiny hole on the back of the controller. Put it in there and hold it for 10 seconds or something, it should reset the controller completely. Then you have to take the controller and re register it to the ps3 by plugging it in to the usb.

As for the disc thing i think its the lens acting funny. You could try purchasing a lens cleaner, its a disc with solution on it and whipes the lens clean, but i dont know if it will work. I noticed my drive is having a hard time playing CD's. It plays movies and games fine, but when i put in a music cd it wont play it or rip it to the drive on occasions.

Its kinda lame you have to pay 150 bucks to fix something simple but it might be your last resort i dont know. Try what i told you and if that doesnt work maybe someone else had an idea pop in their head too.
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