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The channels yeah, potential is there if all else failed. Turned out all else didnt fail so its just wasted potential to me. Its like Sony, if Ps3 wasnt selling in third place all the extra features PS3 offers now would be wasted potential.

The controllers though, not the greatest like you said, but its literlly on the edge of breaking the fourth wall. Im just thinking what if PS3 games can offer that, a major WHAT IF. I hope they intregrate it in the new motion controllers.

As for price of course cheapest will always win, well unless your gamecube, but i think PS3 is suffering because of the recession. In our eyes the recession isnt THAT big of a deal to do such a thing, buut overall if you look at things its a major concern. In a thriving economy where people are opening their wallets just like they used to, i think PS3 sales alot better along with the 360.
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