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PSN Code Giveaway

Yes that's right I've got some PSN codes to giveaway that will earn you Killzone 3 Unlock points, the Retro Map pack for Killzone 3, an inFamous 2 Sniper Blast code and one code for a specially tuned Camaro SS for Gran Turismo 5. These are the codes that Sony is currently giving away in their promotion with Schick but these mean you have to put no effort in or giveaway an e-mail address (as they have improved the promotion to requiring you to receive your code via e-mail).

So if you want a code, all you need to do is have an account on (not new register though, you'll need to have made 5 valid posts) and send me a private message requesting a code for whatever DLC you want (on a first come, first served basis). Also only one code per member so choose wisely and do keep in mind you'll need an account in North America to use these codes.
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