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Well I've got one major one thanks to Destructoid, now despite the fact we are all PlayStation 3 fans, there's no denying that we all don't have even just one game we might want for another system but the cost of buying another console can be a little much. Well Best Buy is making it a little easier by putting the Nintendo Wii up for just $150. It's of course limited quantity and a limited time offer and it is the older bundle without MotionPlus or Wii Sports Resort but if you want a cheap way to get into Wii gaming, now is the time (Also Americans only and the price is shown in the cart).

EDIT: A rather nice deal was come up once again for Americans, by this point if you've been holding out on buying God of War 3 because you don't have the cash or simply haven't had the time, Amazon is here to help with a sale on God of War 3 for just $39.99 and even better, they are also throwing in a $10 credit towards a future purchase from them. So you get one of the best titles ever released for the PlayStation 3 and can invest in another stellar title like 3D Dot Game Heroes, Red Dead Redemption, ModNation Racers or put that $10 down on a pre-order for Gran Turismo 5 (for whenever it releases) or whatever else you might want.
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