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How Much Would You Pay for a PlayStation

20 bucks, 30 bucks, 50 bucks, how about 1.5 million, that how much an eBay seller wants for a allegedly Michael Jackson signed PlayStation 1 at the Buy it Now price (it's also claimed to be the 1,000,001th console of the assembly line), bidding is currently at $580 although I haven't found where the Buy it Now price at 1.5 million is, maybe it's been removed, but hey the sellers has 59 positive feedbacks and a 100% rating so it has to be cough*true*cough.

Also while on the topic of spending a lot of money and also from Kotaku apparently someone who is into video games was willing to pay a lot for a limited edition gold Nintendo World Championships cartridge, only 26 in existence worldwide (and they aren't real gold, just gold painted), the selling price, $17,500 and that's below the original eBay asking price of $25,000.
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