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My first and well only car do this date is a 1990 Honda Accord EX model, though I would be embarrassed to post a picture of it because it's in a sad state, I haven't exactly been nice to it, but it still runs great and if it weren't for the insurance cost I would keep it forever as it's a brilliant car although I never was a fan of the colour, it's brown with beige upholstery, I would have loved for it to be black, but it was a good deal when I got it considering it was low mileage, it's under 200,000 km's to this day and was well taken care of when I got it. Too bad that snowbank had to do that in and I punched a hole in the muffler and then broke it off, now I sound like all the teenagers with those "tuner" mufflers on their Honda Civics.

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