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I honestly wouldn't know, by the time I got my PS2 online the servers were not being used much anymore so playing was almost pointless, I tried it once in Up Your Arsenal and that's it, I can't even remember for certain what I did, although my best guess is some sort of Capture The Flag. It didn't matter though, I bought those games for single-player anyway so to me it's wasn't a big deal. The Quest for Booty game actually appears to have released in Asia as well on disc as the only eBay auctions I could turn up are usually selling Asian versions, including this one, although the seller is in the States. The current asking price though in that auction is $50.00 for a game you can buy digitally for less than $20 and is 4 hours long. The trophy patch probably wasn't deemed worth it, after all the game is only 4 hours long and it probably wasn't worth the time to pay the staff to add trophies to the game.
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