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I still have the first game installed on all my computers and play it at times, its like the sims, you pop it in planning to play a few minutes and the next thing you know your 2 hours late for whatever lol. Learned to NOT play this game before bed haha, I remember one time actually noticing the sun coming up haha.

The second i was so pumped up for but Blizzard is getting really annoying. First they keep delaying everything that isnt WoW....Remember the Starcraft for consoles that got delayed just like this until they finally said screw it and canned it lol. Then there is also Diablo thats getting a sequal soon suposedly too, also being delayed. Then they announce its 3 differnt games. Yes i know 3 complete games yatta yatta, its still together and we still expect it to be together, there better be some kind of discount if you buy one and not 50 for all 3. If there is a discount ill buy it.

Otherwise im looking forward to Diablo and Sims 3 lol. Oh man i cant wait for sims 3! :)
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