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Old 15-06-2009   #21
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Originally Posted by X_Racer1 View Post
I can't stand being grouped with all those smug Apple users who are all the same and justify there overpriced computer purchase with, it can't get viruses, if you only have 10% of the market of course you won't get viruses, it's not profitable to make one. The day it is I'm just going to be able to laugh at all of them and say, you asked for it. That and just the price factor, why would I spend hundreds more on a computer with the same specs just to get the operating system, I'll take that money and either save it or put it towards an even better computer. Windows works perfectly as long as you aren't stupid and you can do more with it.
You are absolutely right about the viruses. The day that MAC grows in popularity where it is somewhat equal to PC users, spyware and viruses will come. However, ive ran my PC for many years without any anti-viruses and never have i gotten a virus.

I have recently bought a mac not for the reason that "It cant get viruses" because it can but just for the user interface and functionality of the mac OSX. Even though i could have ran hackintosh on my PC, you gotta love the slick design and beauty of a real Mac (and yes they make u pay for it) :)
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From my experience as an Apple Rep ... you gotta try it to believe it. I worked with Windows for over 10 years... hated Apple for "no reason" back in the day. I decided to give Mac OS X a try and I just have to say it... it's a better OS. Of course it all depends what you do with your computer.. but Apple is quickly growing in the industry and their apps are quickly becoming very competitive.

Like I said... try it for 30 days and you won't ever want to touch windows again :P
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Old 16-06-2009   #23
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For me that just isn't possible, I seen enough from going into Apple stores and their terrible coding on Windows to want to try any of their products. I mean my sisters iPod still Blue Screens my computer if you leave it plugged in on a restart, that's bad coding so if they can't get that right why trust them with my PC, plus they have that habit of quietly patching security issues 3 months down the road, Microsoft at least is upfront about it and gets it done fast. Plus do you see Microsoft constantly trying to install useless junk on your PC, just security updates are checked by default, so unless you select it it never installs, but Apple is always there trying to push Bonjour (which is unnecessary and a pain to get rid of if it ends up on your system), QuickTime (which I shouldn't need) and Safari (although it's optional, it wasn't always that is was unchecked for install, it took an outcry of users just to make Apple switch that off) everytime there is an iTunes update. Apple got a lot of things to change before I'll think of even trying their operating system.

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