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Old 09-10-2009   #1
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Has ODST ruined the gaming industry? Well, for gamers.

I came across this article at the G4 website where the author is totally drinkning the "kool aid" on ODST.


IMO games like ODST that charge $60 bucks for what amounts to a short side story (let me state that I paid for this aswell) will ruin games for gamers. Think about it with Uncharted 2 coming out and Naughty Dog pouring hrs and hrs of time and alot of money into it. We just seen the recent sales numbers of ODST (somewhere around 2.5 million copies). So, why should a dev put hrs and hrs and millions into a franchise when they can release a short story and probably get the same results or even better? Granted it has taken 2 sequels, a RTS version and a whole lot of books to create a franchise following as large as Halo's but I can't help but question "How is this good for gamers? I hope you can see where I am going with this.
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Old 09-10-2009   #2
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Personally, and this will sound like a fanboy rant, Microsoft have ruined the industry. They force and hype up **** like Halo, 1 was good all sequels after that have been terrible. They forced out a console that wasn't finished and then charge people $60 for an addon when the developers themselfs said the title was too small for a disc and would be a lot cheaper.

And least we forget Microsoft buying off developer to make exclusive DLC and attempt to make them make Exclusive games with that "we'll pay for development" scheme which totally back fires as developers use that to help make a PS3 version six months later lol.
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Old 09-10-2009   #3
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I agree with u Darren

Microsoft has ruined the industry in ways, Halo is **** (although I've only actually played the 3rd one) but there are so many games that are better but MS just hypes it up and gets people to spend money on it.

that's one thing I have against them releasing the 360 so early, it wasn't finished but they released it early even though it has problems (mainly the RROD)

my main thing against the 360 though is that they buy off developers to give them extra stuff and then 360 fanboys talk about that the 360 gets this extra DLC because it's "better" and not because MS just bought the extra DLC. I just wanna tell them to **** off, because they did not get this extra stuff because it's better but because their company is a greedy company who can only get all this stuff is because they're ****ing rich and can afford to buy this stuff and don't care about having fair competition.
most people forget about that stuff though, but I absolutely can't stand how they do that.

thats why I'm glad we have the Fallout 3 DLC now, these 360 fanboys have less stuff to brag about why their system is better even though MS just bought it

but if devs see what happened with ODST and see that they can get away with putting little effort, time and money into a game and still make a lot of money off of it, I will quit console gaming because games will suck so much and not be worth like $60 a game but hopefully that won't happen and hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks that

sorry about my bad language
Go Montreal Canadiens

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Old 09-10-2009   #4
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PSN ID: soldierone
You have to realize several things here though, Halo only ruined Microsoft gaming side it has no real affect on PlayStation or Sony.

-Microsoft has no good games other than a few names. You can list every "good" excslusive they have right now, but with PlayStation we could be here for a while. Therefore MS hypes the hell out of Halo no matter how crappy it is and people love it because they have one decent game. Think about PlayStation and Halo would just be another Haze, pushed aside because all these other games are amazing.

-PlayStation still has quality control. Halo was an EXPANSION that MS said "no we have nothing for holiday, release it as a game" and bam they do it. Halo is a namebrand, they could release Pong and put Halo's name on it and it would sell millions.

-MS in the game department is alot like Apple, they advertise the hell out of EVERYTHING and make something out of nothing. Basically brainwashing people that the crappier product is superior on the market.

-MS has a giant ass bank that they can use whenever wherever they want. Sony acknowleded this and said "we wish we had unlimited money too, but we dont" and all the fans know this, the only people denying it are fanboys. This means MS can pay off developers, "advertise" websites into their favor, and get tons of marketing without direct commercials, let alone they probably buy their own games to influx the numbers.

The thing is im a big fan of Microsoft. They are a very creative innovative company. They can see an idea that another company has, and make it ten times better in every way. However sometimes they fail and the Xbox is a prime example of that. Sony is just an amazing company that strives for quality in everything they do and are extremely tough to beat. Microsofts attempt at entering the game industry seems more like "meh lets go just to make a quick buck, but we have bigger problems" and now it seems like "hmm we made some money nad we could make alot more!" so now they are turning their game around and actually trying. We wont see their actuall attempt until next generation.

So yes, any company can make a quick buck by throwing a couple terds together and calling it Halo. Sony isnt like that, they keep their games at a higher quality and having some crap like ODST wouldn't survive. Imagine if Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty was a disc release for 60 bucks....
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Old 09-10-2009   #5
PCN Master
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Trenton, On
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PSN ID: m0tl3ysl4y3r
that is very true Dustin
while PS3 doesn't have nearly as much exclusives as the 360, a lot of the exclusives on the PS3 are very high quality, while on the 360, is just quantity exclusives that aren't that great

thats what I think about them releasing the XBOX and the XBOX 360, it's just a quick attempt at a quick buck, but hey, at least it worked, very well I must say, just look at how much people bought the 2 systems
I must give them credit for that
Go Montreal Canadiens

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