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Release Window for Home Leaked?
Posted on December 7, 2008 by Nikhil

Home was first announced by Phil Harrison at GDC 2007. Since then, speculation about when Home would release has been rampant. At its debut, Home was scheduled to reach consumers in September or October that year, but at TGS it then got pushed back to a spring 2008 release. Then in spring 2008, it was announced that Home would be delayed even further. With no updated news about a timeframe given, many began to speculate that we would not see it until 2009, or possibly even 2010. However, just a few weeks ago, Sony’s director of marketing, John Koller, confirmed that Home would launch before the end of 2008.

Many did not believe this newest release schedule, simply assuming that Home would be delayed yet again. We still have no official launch date, but the British site Times Online published an article about Home just today (Dec. 7th) where it stated that Home is slated for release within the next ten days. It is quite possible that journalists were given the launch date in advance, and the Times Online accidently let it slip.

Let’s hope that this launch window is correct. I am admittedly one of the doubters who thinks that Home will be delayed yet again, but nothing would make me happier than if Sony proved me wrong. With the reports that the 360 outsold the PS3 3-1 on Black Friday, Sony needs any advantage it can get.

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