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Sony: Home Officially Public Tomorrow
Posted on December 10, 2008 by Dustin S.

Rumors have been spreading and anticipation has been building as the announcement of a supposed Home public beta was on the way. While back then it was all rumors, today Sony made it official. Thanks to a “Successful private beta” Home will finally be released to the public of crazed PS3 fans Tomorrow via the Thursday update.

That’s not all, Sony also stated that the community will also launch with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Farcry 2 environments as well. Socom, Resistance, Guitar Hero, and Warhawk also have planned environments coming shortly afterwards. Sony also stated they are working closely with several developers to bring even more environments in the future. These environments, of course, are used to let gamers talk about their favorite games and get pointers or join the game right from the community.

Private beta users will also notice several small changes as well. Noting changes to mini games and more songs for the Listen @ Home Stations located in the main area for example. Sony has also stated Sony Pictures and Paramount have agreed to hold exclusive screening throughout Home where movie support is provided. So in the end Sony has gone to great lengths to get companies to work with the new program and users are in for a treat. Expect even more news on all the features here shortly, we also keep you updated throughout tomorrow.

So looks like the holidays came early this year, and many PS3 gamers are going to be way too excited to sleep.

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