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MAG to have a subtitle?
Posted on April 9, 2009 by Rodrigo

Aside from being a 256-player online shooter warfare by Zipper Interactive, we know little about MAG. The first question that possibly popped up on everyone's head this past E3, was probably why they chose that name. Quite frankly, it just makes sense, but it isn't really a cool name. Is it? Lets not forget "uncool" names don't serve well for marketing purposes. Regardless of the little knowledge we have on MAG, it seems like the game's title could change or add a subtitle soon. This comes from someone that spotted an interesting URL that redirects you to the recently launched MAG official website. The URL,, is owned and operated by SCEA, which renders this subtitle idea quite possible. Of course there isn't much to say as of yet. There has not been much official game information reveals besides the website, but most likely we will get to know more details come this year's E3. As always we'll keep you updated as things happen. On that note, if you could pick a good name for MAG, what would it be?

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