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Marvelous pres loves new PS3, wants to make new PS3 games
Posted on September 14, 2009 by Nick

Japanese software publisher Marvelous Entertainment was a staunch supporter of the Wii, churning out some quality games like No More Heroes and it's sequel, the upcoming Muramasa, and Little King's Story.  Like other major third party Wii publishers, though, they felt the sting of third party Wii sales.  The publisher even posted a message on their blog, saying they were so crestfallen by the way their games sold that many of them 'felt like crying'.

According to a new blog post, it seems the answer to their woes may be the PS3.  Marvelous Entertainment's president recently got his hands on the new 120GB PS3 and had nothing but good things to say about the console.  In fact, he goes as far to call it 'an explosive trigger' that will ignite the home console sales in Japan, which have been losing serious headway to portables in the region.

Of course, he also seems to think it will make a good home for some new projects, saying "I'd like to toss our games into the fray in the coming future as well."

Maybe that will get them motivated to push Rainy Woods out the door?

Translation courtesy of Rykomatsu.

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