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Enterbrain CEO: PSP Go is worse than the WonderSwan
Posted on April 10, 2010 by Nick

Six months ago, Sony launched the PSP Go in a desperate attempt to reboot the PSP brand. The sky is still blue. The grass is still green. The PSP still lags behind the Nintendo DS. Even in Japan, where the PSP has traditionally seen a great deal of success, the PSP Go has struggled.

Enterbrain(parent company of Famitsu) CEO Hirokazu Hamamura recently spoke about the PSP's performance in a marketing seminar. Though he has high hopes for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3, he seemed pretty cynical of the PSP. Hamamura said the PSP was destined to be a platform that would only be viable in Japan.

Hamamura was particularly down on the PSP Go. He said that the revision was worse than the Bandai-manufactured WonderSwan. Hamamura said the system's cramped design scheme made it hard to play games, especially the popular Monster Hunter games.

Hamamura predicted that Monster Hunter 3 would be the best selling PSP game of all time, and expects the game to sell 5 million copies over its lifetime.

Many analysts are predicting that Sony will announce a successor to the PSP at the upcoming E3 expo in June.

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