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Major E3 2010 Conference Times
Posted on June 13, 2010 by Shak

Although E3 takes place in LA, it's probably the most anticipated gaming event of the year worldwide. So to a lot of people wanting to watch the conferences live, PST/PDT means nothing. We thought we'd give everyone an outline of the main conferences this year, and when they'll be happening in some of the other timezones.

So here are the times, PDT = Pacific Daylight Time, BST = British Summer Time, GMT = Greenwich Mean Time, CET = Central European Time, JST = Japanese Standard Time.


Monday June 14th

10AM (PDT) - Microsoft Conference - 1PM (EST), 5PM (GMT), 6PM (BST), 7PM (CET), 2AM Tuesday (JST)

2PM (PDT) - EA Conference - 5PM (EST), 9PM (GMT), 10PM (BST), 11PM (CET), 6AM Tuesday (JST)
5PM (PDT) - Ubisoft Conference - 8PM (EST),(All on Tuesday) 12AM (GMT), 1AM (BST), 2AM (CET), 10AM (JST)
5PM (PDT) - Activision Conference - 8PM (EST), (All on Tuesday) 12AM (GMT), 1AM (BST), 2AM (CET), 10AM (JST)

Tuesday June 15th

9AM (PDT) - Nintendo Conference - 12PM (EST), 4PM (GMT), 5PM (BST), 6PM (CET), 1AM Wednesday (JST)
12PM (PDT) - Sony Conference - 3PM (EST), 7PM (GMT), 8PM (BST), 9PM (CET), 4AM Wednesday (JST)

Wednesday June 16th

1PM (PDT) - Konami Conference - 4PM (EST), 8PM (GMT), 9PM (BST), 10PM (CET), 5AM Thursday (JST).


Feel free to bookmark this page so you don't miss one of the conferences. PS3Center will be covering the Sony conference, as well as all the news from the even which runs from June 14th-17th.

Update: Added EST times, also be aware that Microsoft's conference is at 10:30AM but coverage on major sites starts at 10AM.

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