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E312: What is 'Dawn of the Wolf' in The Last of Us?
Posted on June 6, 2012 by Shak

The Last of Us is slowly taking over the gaming world and wowing everyone who sees it in action, and in the latest gameplay footage the main characters stop and look and comment on a poster. Click to enlarge the image.

Is this a future game from Naughty Dog? Or perhaps an upcoming movie from Sony Pictures?

Well a quick Google search brings up the author T.L. Schreffler who has written a trilogy of werewolf books. The most recent in the series released at the end of March this year shares the same name that is seen in the poster. Maybe Naughty Dog is predicting that this series will become the next "Twilight" and see a release of multiple movies and their releases will match up to the time-line of the game.

Or it could be something completely random and be a simple coincidence.

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