New Ace Combat game headed to PS3?
Posted by Nick on March 26, 2009

Namco Bandai recently revealed Katamari Damacy Tribute for the PS3, after the previously Sony exclusive franchise jumped ship to the XBox 360.  It seems that the Ace Combat franchise may be up for a similar treatment.  A Japanese job listing reveals that Ace Combat may be making a return flight to the PS3. 

The listing, posted by Namco Bandai, advertises an open position for an artist that can create textures and models for fighter planes for a future PS3 project.  Whether this is just an expanded port of the 360 title, or a brand new game is anyone's guess.  Forgive us for any discrepancies, we're running off Google Translate here. 

Ace Combat has traditionally been the de facto flight sim for the PlayStation line up since the first game's release in 1996.  The latest entry in the series, Ace Combat 6, is currently only available on the XBox 360.