Socom Confrontation DLC Announced
Posted by Dustin S. on July 1, 2009

Socom Confrontation has had plenty of problems since launch along with way too many updates. However the guys at Sony and Slant 6 have finally figured things out and plan to finally fix it all with an upcoming update so all the fans can enjoy what can potentially be an amazing game. That’s not all we have been waiting for however, we are also awaiting the long lost DLC as well. Good news is they finally announced the DLC today. It will include all of the following:

·         All new Area of Operation

·         New Features

·         New Game Mode

·         New Maps

·         New Characters

·         New Weapons & Attachments

·         New Music

·         New Voice-Over

There is no official release date for the DLC other than “later this summer” which could be as early as July, or as late as August. Either way I am kind of pumped to get my hands on it. More details on each piece of the DLC will be coming in the “coming weeks” as well. So stay tuned!