Reveals Secret & RED PS3 Winner!
Posted by Michal on July 16, 2009

About a year ago (PCN) introduced the Custom ColorWare PlayStation 3 Giveaway. Our friends over at were nice enough to sponsor the PCN website launch with a coloring service! A custom Ferrari Red PS3 was given to to give away to one lucky member! announces the winner via Youtube video here:

We also took the time to announce a new development that we have been secretly working over the past few months!

As you all may know, the PlayStation 3 will one day be outdated. This is why will be transitioning to a brand new website and domain called! will cover all major PlayStation platforms including the PS3, PSP, PS2 and PSN. Please watch the Youtube video above as we make an official anouncement of!

You can also follow & via twitter at the following pages!

Once again, congrats to the winner (yeah I'm not mentioning the name here because I want all of you to watch the video :P) and thank you to all the users that participated!

Stay tuned for the ultimate PlayStation portal with!