Heavy Rain to be censored in different regions
Posted by Nick on October 20, 2009

At the tail end of August, a rumor indicating that Heavy Rain may be censored made waves around the PlayStation blogosphere.  The rumor, started by Italian PlayStation blog UPSBlogIt, indicated that Quantic Dreams was pushing for an interactive, motion captured sex scene.  If that sounds outlandish to you, then you should take a look at the PC versions of Quantic Dream's previous games, Omikron and Indigo Prophecy(Farenheit), which both feature QTE sex sequences.

Now, Heavy Rain executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere has seemingly confirmed that rumor in a recent interview.  Fondaumiere explains that, even though Heavy Rain is intended for mature audiences, the game will still be tailored to fit guidelines across the different regions worldwide.

"We wanted to have pretty much the same game everywhere, be it Europe, in the United States, or in Japan, of course, with slight adaptions, for instance, the Japanese version" Fondaumiere said, "but I don't think the changes we made will make a big difference, so that those are real modular things.  We felt the need to adapt the content to the culture."

Heavy Rain is scheduled to launch early in 2010, exclusively for the PS3.