Sony on track for record breaking November
Posted by Nick on December 1, 2009

The PS3 marketing machine has hit full stride!  Sony is reporting astronomical PS3 sales over the Black Friday weekend, revealing that close to a half a million PS3s were sold over that time period.  This number sets a couple of notable new sales milestones for the PS3, and puts it firmly on track to breaking more.

In 2007, the PS3 sold 460,000 units during November, and in 2008, the PS3 shifted 388,000 consoles.  Sony announced they sold 440,000 PS3s in North America for the week ending on November 29, more than they sold in the entire month of November last year.  440,000 is also a better Black Friday performance than the XBox 360 to date, which sold 310,000 in 2007 and 380,000 in 2008.  Presumably, Microsoft did not perform as well this year, as they've only made mention that this was their best selling week to date.  While the PS3 didn't manage to outsell the Wii, which sold 550,000 units, it did do comparably well to the much cheaper console.

Further, this indicates that Sony may be on track to it's first month in which it sells 1 million consoles.  This is a milestone that Sony has had trouble reaching the past few years, selling only 800K consoles in December 2007/2008.  While based on data from previous years, it's unlikely that PS3 will hit 1 million this month, it should smash that barrier easily next month.

Overall, great news for Sony.  The PS3 has been a bit of a black mark on Sony's home console record, so they must be ecstatic to see it perform so well.