Modern Warfare 3 to be an NGP Launch Title?
Posted by Shak on March 26, 2011

Sony's NGP was announced earlier this year, with a tentative release date of November 2011. During the event, Sony announced several first and third-party titles, putting particular focus on the biggest console franchise, Call of Duty.

With a supposed worldwide release date of November 11, it seems like the next Call of Duty could fall into the exact time frame for NGP's launch. A sequel to Modern Warfare 2 this year is a very likely prospect, so perhaps we could see a direct port, in other words, Modern Warfare 3 for NGP as well as consoles.

What's the likelihood of this happening? Several developers have stated how easy it is to port a PS3 game directly to the NGP. Sega, for example, mentioned that it took just three months to port a Yakuza 4 tech demo to the handheld system. Furthermore, the cross compatability between the NGP and PS3 could open up an entriely new experience for online gameplay.

Could we see cross-platform play between the handheld and console systems? It does sound rather far-fetched, and nothing like it has really been implemented thus far, but what does seem likely is that we may get the ability to share XP between the console and handheld versions of the game on one PSN ID. This would effectively mean you could have your Call of Duty fix throughout the day (during work) and rank up your character on both platforms at the same time, allowing you to unlock perks more efficiently.

So, it seems very likely that the we will see a Call of Duty port for the NGP around it's launch window, however the features and visuals may vary. One thing is for certain, if Activision can pull this off, NGP will have a killer app from day one and the sales for the next Call of Duty title are going to increase even further!