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PCN Review: TRITTON Pro+ Gaming Headset
Posted on November 18, 2012 by Shak

The Pro+ is the latest in a long line of gaming headsets from Tritton. Tritton is constantly improving their devices, which is why it is difficult to know whether or not a review for a certain device is accurate or not. However, we’ve managed to procure a unit from Mad Catz for the latest 5.1 headset from the company, and in short, it’s great. The Pro+ is based on the AX Pro headsets from Tritton, and has a new more rounded and aesthetically pleasing design.

The Tritton Pro+ if one of the very few headsets on the market that supports true 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. What this means is that rather than using virtualization technology, which many other headsets are using, it has multiple speakers in each of the headset’s ear cups. There are a total of 8 speakers in the headset, which allows for a realistic 5.1 Surround Sound experience, without having to buy and install an expensive home surround sound system. When using the device you can definitely feel the movement of sound across the ear cups, and you can hear game audio much clearer than before.

The hardware itself is very good in terms of build quality, and the design of the headset is definitely aesthetically pleasing. The Pro+ has a glossy white finish, and is very sturdy, although it does allow you to rest the headset on your shoulders when you get tired. The cables are very flexible, and for the most part there aren’t too many wires to connect up. Unlike some other headsets that Tritton make however, the Pro+ does not have braided cables nor a detachable remote. The inline remote on this headset has more options in addition to the standard SVM (selective voice monitoring) options, mainly surround sound options.

Some would argue that this is better because it means fewer things need to be connected up. However, on the flipside, it also means that if the wires do get damaged, it’s more likely that the entire headset would need to be replaced. Setting up the headset is relatively easy and it can be used across a range of devices such as PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3. The PS3 setup is probably the easiest, because you simply connect the headset to the decoder box, and connect the decoder box to the PS3 via digital optical and USB. Then simply to go to your XMB settings -> Accessory Settings, and set input and output device to Tritton Pro+. Then go to Sound Settings and select Digital Optical, and make sure Dolby 5.1 is checked.

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