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50% of American PS3 owners use Home
Posted on October 14, 2009 by Nick

It's been almost a year since Sony launched Home, their oft-misunderstood social networking application.  Home has seen more than it's fair share of ups and downs, and is still very much in the process of being modified and fleshed out.  While critics are quick to pan Home, recent stats reveal the platform to be shockingly popular, especially in the United States.  Buser revealed that over 4 million Americans actively use Home, which very roughly represents half of the PS3's total userbase in the States.  Worldwide, there are 8 million Home users, marking 4 million user influx over the past 6 months.

Jack Buser, director of Home, admits the platform had a bit of an identity crisis, but is optimistic about the way it's constantly evolving  based on community feedback.  He expects huge wave of new users to Home, courtesy of the PS3's new consumer friendly price point. 

"Games will look a heck of a lot more like Home in 10 years than what they look like right now. I firmly believe that this is the direction the market is moving in," Buser said, reflecting brightly on the future of Home.

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